6 Free (and Awesome) Baby Proofing Resources

In my last year talking to hundreds of parents it was shocking how few parents knew about some AMAZING free resources like websites, apps, databases and retrofit kits. 

So I'm sharing the best-of-the-best, folks.

Below are the top 6 baby proofing resources that are all about helping create a safer world (and home) ... plus they are free!   I love all of these and use them all myself and I'm betting they will help you too.

1)      HealthyChildren.org: This is the parent facing site for the American Academy of Pediatrics meaning less medical jargon and tons of excellent actionable articles, tips, tools and great audio spots from A Minute for Kids from CBS News and Healthy Children Radio from RadioMD.  Check out the Safety & Prevention At Home section where you can find great baby proofing info.  Put this site on your internet speed dial! 

Here are my fav articles (alphabetically):

Bathroom Safety

Baby Proofing for Grandparents

Childproofing your Home

Family Room Safety

Fireplace Safety

Garage & Basement Safety

Home Water Hazards for Young Children

Kitchen Safety

Stair Safety

TV Tip overs

Window Safety


2)      Safe Kids Worldwide:  They create AMAZING tips for parents and really cover all aspects of safety with a focus on stopping preventable and unintentional injuries – think drownings, heat stroke, poisonings and of course, home safety.  If you are a data nerd like me, this is your JAM. They have great infographics, research reports and overall excellent parent resources.  

My fav topics and articles:

Button Batteries

Laundry Packets


3)      Make Safe Happen App:  This free app (available for iPhone and Android) was created by safety experts like Dr. Lara McKenzie from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and is funded by a grant from the Nationwide Foundation with additional financial support from Nationwide and it's the nicest app I've found for baby proofing.  Dr. McKenzie is not only a safety guru but also the mother of triplets so she knows first-hand what it takes to make a safe home environment. She wanted to create an easy to use tool for the busiest of parents with everything you need in one convenient place.     

Some super cool features:

  1. Easy to use checklist that covers the whole house
  2. App tailors tips to your child’s age
  3. Calendar reminders to change your smoke alarms and check hot water temp.
  4. Contact info for Poison Help Line
  5. Includes shopping list tool or purchase directly from Amazon


4)      Your Pediatrician:  Let’s be honest, your pediatrician won’t be giving you tips on troubleshooting your baseboards when installing your safety gate but they are experts when it comes to broader child development, safety and should be a go-to resource. Work your baby proofing questions into your next well-check or sick appointment.  Many Pediatricians have email portals perfect for asking non-urgent questions as well.


5)      Recalls.gov : This is a great tool to look up recall information on any products you own. You can also sign up for a daily round-up email that will deliver relevant product recalls to your inbox. Make sure that if you use any second hand products to double check them in this database!


6)      Windows Coverings Safety Council:  The main focus here is window cord safety and reducing the risk of strangulation from outdated window treatments. They have great articles, retrofitting how-to videos and FREE window cord retrofitting safety kits. Sweet!  

OK, now your turn! Have any sites or apps you love? I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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