How to baby proof baby teeth

Practicing good dental health starts early.

Proofing isn't just about preventing the bonks and boo boos. Proofing is also making sure your tot is healthy and happy! That's why I'm very excited to add to our Proofed Expert Series with a recent interview I did with Dr. Nancy Schort, a dentist practicing in Santa Monica, California. She also happens to be my mom so I can attest to her awesomeness! 

Dr. Schort has been practicing general dentistry for over 35 years and loves working with little kiddos to keep those smiles shining brightly! Even with a dentist as my mom, I was surprised I didn't know more about baby, toddler and kid dental basics. Did you know you should be only using a rice grain size of toothpaste before age 3? 

This handy download covers all the basics for good dental health for your tot and is filled with American Dental Association guidelines that Dr. Schort pulled together for parents and caregivers!

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