Why we are so passionate about baby proofing and child safety at Proofed.

What We Stand For

There is nothing more valuable than the safety of your child. Nothing. We will help you through your baby proofing journey by demystifying what can be a daunting, dreadful process (having experienced it ourselves). We provide amazing products along with useful tips  to make home life a little easier and more beautiful. To put it plainly, we stand for simple, safe, stylish home solutions for parents everywhere.  

Proofed is a proud member of Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Proofed Founder, Mandy Schort and the CTO
Proofed Chief Testing Officer and master of finding baby proofing loop holes.

Meet Mandy Schort

After having her son in 2013, this self-described product geek bought every baby proofing item under the sun… and was very disappointed. Not only was it guesswork to find the right product but installation was intimidating, safety was hit-or-miss and the products looked horrid around the home. For this sleep-deprived parent it was not a great experience for the most important thing on earth, her baby’s safety.  Finally after tripping on a gate with her son in her arms, Mandy cemented her vision for creating simple, safe and stylish solutions for parents. In 2014, she stepped away from her career building world famous brands like Hot Wheels and LeapPad and founded Proofed with the mission to revolutionize the home safety space. Read Mandy's full story here.


As the smallest and mightiest member of the Proofed founding team,  the Chief Testing Officer was born for this role. He comes to the team with hands-on experience, bringing his patented “weakest link” testing approach to any baby proofing product. He can immediately find any design flaw with laser-beam focus and brings incredible energy to all facets of his life. He started his terrible two’s at an astonishing 14 months of age and really, really, REALLY likes garbage trucks.

Join Proofed

Does creating something meaningful and awesome make you tick? Are you a proactive parent or just plain passionate about baby safety? Let’s talk! We’re growing quickly and need amazingly talented people to fuel the Proofed rocket ship.